Alphawolf Consulting

Who We Are

Founded in 1996, Alphawolf Consulting is a federation of consultants with significant experience building large scale custom software projects for for more than two decades.

Alphawolf draws talent from all over the world, from Armenia to New Zealand to Sweden. We have been a truly global organization since 1999, with approximately 50 percent of our associated consultants currently located outside of the United States.

We give you the best resource for the job, regardless of location, and then we manage and coordinate this team to give you the maximum value for your particular project or program.


Mason Ham is the founder and president of Alphawolf Consulting. In addition to his duties managing the organization, he is also the primary software architect for most Alphawolf engagements.

Mr. Ham has more than 30 years of experience as a software development consultant. From his start in the financial markets writing software for banks and other financial services, he has a keen understanding of the needs of large, highly regulated industries. In 1996, Mr. Ham founded Alphawolf Consulting to bring together a core group of consultants who could provide best in class software development.

Mr. Ham specializes in “creating version 1.0”. He has been a key member of several start-ups (SupplyWorks, OrgSupply, Sticky Networks, eHealthDirect) and has the experience and the vision to take any software project from concept to deployment.

Mr. Ham has spent more than 20 years working for state and local governments throught the United States and has held positions like lead developer and enterprise architect for states. Mr. Ham also provides expert testimony for legislatures on topics of security, privacy, and machine learning.

Mr. Ham holds a patent in the UK and US in software security and has 2 other patents pending in the fields of alternative energy and networking. He attended Lewis and Clark University and Rutgers University.


Alphawolf resources represent a wide range of skill sets that come together to provide a complete solution to our clients. We have experienced professionals available with expertise in the following fields:

  • Database Architecture
  • Embedded Systems Engineer
  • Graphic Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Network Operations Manager
  • Network Engineer
  • Product Strategist
  • Product Manager
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Software Development
  • Web Development