Alphawolf Consulting

What we do

Custom Software Projects

From the entrepreneur with a big idea but limited resources, to the large multinational company with a critical new business need, our clients have one thing in common: all of them need “version 1.0”. Alphawolf delivers large scale complex software projects that benefit from a thoughtful and flexible architecture and that have been designed with operational needs and deployment issues in mind. Alphawolf builds the first launch version of your software and then provides you with the tools you need to build an in-house development team to manage and extend the product.

In House Products

Alphawolf Consulting has developed several different products of its own, most of which are deployed using an SaaS model with options to license. ZoApps Social Applications turbocharge standard social network services like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to give you more value for your social network. Alphawolf’s enterprise infrastructure products include WebPTS, Global Login, and the APE.

Subsidiary Services

Alphawolf has three primary subsidiaries that contribute to a full service offering for its clients: SMSML, Zambit, and RoamingWire.

SMSML is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alphawolf that provides back-end processing and management of SMS-based solutions. In early 2010, Alphawolf Consulting acquired partner companies Zambit Technologies, Inc and RoamingWire, Inc. to expand its offering. Zambit provides software deployment services and RoamingWire provides networking services including setting up and deploying wireless hotspot systems. Additionally, RoamingWire is a certified Mikrotik consulting service and certified training program.

Additional Consulting Services

Alphawolf Consulting also provides services such as technical due diligence, product strategy, and IT infrastructure strategy. Consultants are available on a day rate for these projects. Contact us to request a quote.

Previous and Current Clients

Aclara Software (formerly Nexus Energy)
Autonomy (formerly Zantaz)
Bank of America (formerly BankBoston and Fleet Bank)
Bayer Pharmaceuticals
HealthEdge (formerly eHealthDirect)
Financial Times Group
Health Dialogs
Iona (formerly Watershed)
Rovi (Sonic Solutions)
World Avenue
State of Massachusetts