Alphawolf Consulting

How we work

Our experience has led us to use Agile methodology for most of our projects. This process provides the greatest flexibility to our clients allowing them to compete effectively in a rapidly changing marketplace. Agile is best suited to projects where new features are added or refined on a 6 to 12 week release cycle. It also requires a commitment on the part of the client to have and maintain a clear vision of what their business needs are and to communicate them to the engagement manager as they change.

While Agile is typically not used for large scale projects, Alphawolf makes it work. Alphawolf keeps to the core tenets of Agile (fewer than 10 developers on a project, constant communication, timeboxing).

Typically, Alphawolf takes on the most challenging part of software development – taking a concept or vision and turning it into operational, deployed software (i.e. “version 1.0”). Alphawolf’s architects specialize in making their design architecture sound and flexible enough so that the client can maintain and extend the project using their own resources. Alphawolf also helps the client build the in house team needed for the ongoing operation and maintenance and can even assist in the evaluation, interviewing and hiring process.